Painting SCW Renault FT-17 in 1/72

I have recently been working on a couple of French FT-17 from the Spanish Civil War, from Minairons Miniatures. I have chosen some paints from the new painting sets of Ammo of MIG dedicated to the Great War.

Renault FT-17 Minairons

The new set of plastic vehicles from Minairons Miniatures involves the French FT-17 tank. The FT-17 was one of the first developed tanks and after the First World War, it was scattered all around the world. Indeed, Spain received some of them. Although they were too old when the civil conflict started, all available armored vehicles were put in service.

Renault FT-17 MinaironsFrom the modellers viewpoint, and because of the lack of time, I decided to paint one tank in a plain color (pale green) and the other one with a bitonal camouflage, like the following picture (pale green and forest green):

Fortunately, weeks ago I received the new painting sets of Ammo of MIG JIMENEZ for First War World tanks. Although my tanks are based in the Spanish Civil War, these colors are perfect. I picked two of them: Green Moss (074), from the German and British tank set, and Forest Green (065) from the French tank set.

Renault FT-17 MinaironsI have to say that I’m totally delighted with these new paints!. The new jars (yellow tap) include a metal sphere and therefore it’s too easy to mix the pigment and solvent of the paint. And as the other paints from AMMO, you can use them directly from the pot without diluting them and they cover really nicely.

Renault FT-17 MinaironsI used the Color Modulation to increase the contrast. Therefore I used black and white to generate more tones of the green moss. Talking about the forest green, I only worked the shadows with black, since I didn’t want both green colors to be too similar.

Renault FT-17 MinaironsThen I applied one of the most interesting steps: the “pinwash” or wash, that brings all the details to life. I used the Dark Brown WASH for green vehicles (1005) for this purpose. Finally, I applied the weathering effects (you can check this other post if you want to know more about weathering techniques).

Renault FT-17 Minairons Renault FT-17 Minairons

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    Guapisimos los tanques 😀 Me encanta el camuflaje y las orugas 😀


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