Eleven Tree Designs Tudor House 15mm – Building

We have in our hands three 15mm houses from Eleven Tree Designs, an UK based company who manufactures 10mm, 15mm and 28mm buildings and other wargaming accesories. Lets build one of them!
These Tudor Houses are perfect for the historical period between the XIV and XVII centuries. Also, they’re perfect for fantasy games (we’re using them for that) or for pirate wargames. Eleven Tree Designs also sells these houses in 28mm, so they’ll be perfect for Mordheim.

The houses comes in a zip plastic bag, inside a bubble envelope. Not a single piece broken or damaged:

Tudor House TD3 15mmOpening the bag will reveal one of the first surprises: the textured walls.
Eleven Tree Designs work with a laser cutting machine, cutting MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard), as many other companies. But, in this case, the details achieved with the laser are superb, as you can see in this tiny pieces:

Tudor House TD3 15mmWood, windows, doors, all is very well carved (also walls!!). Fully used to find completely plain parts, this is one of the greatest surprises we found. +11111 to Eleven Tree Designs for that.

The instructions are clear and easy to follow, as all of the pieces come with a number written on them.

Tudor House TD3 15mmWe begin with the ground floor, gluing the 4 walls to the ground (which has also the outside stone flooring carved on it!). All the pieces have big pegs, so it’s easy to fit them together.

Tudor House TD3 15mmThe first floor has two ‘floating’ windows, which gives the house a nice touch. We glue the windows to the larger walls, and glue the 4 walls to the floor.

Tudor House TD3 15mmTudor House TD3 15mmTudor House TD3 15mmThe next step is the roof and the chimney. The roof is made of 4 pieces, and the chimney of 6 pieces. We glue the two pieces together once they are dry. The roof has all of the tiles carved with a nice depth. This will ensure some great ‘drybrush’ later. 😉

Tudor House TD3 15mmTudor House TD3 15mmThe house is now ready in less than 30 minutes, including the time for the white glue to dry. NO NEED to texture anything, and that’s the greatest thing about these houses. Eleven Tree Designs has achieved a high quality carving, quite different from their competition.

Tudor House TD3 15mmTudor House TD3 15mmTudor House TD3 15mmTudor House TD3 15mmAlthough the house is now ready to prime and paint, we decided to test our new resin wood floor texture we did last month.
So, we prepare some resin parts (

Tudor House TD3 15mmTudor House TD3 15mmTudor House TD3 15mmTudor House TD3 15mmThe next step will be painting the house… but we’re hesitating about the colors and weathering… ideas? 🙂

Visit Eleven Tree Design web here: http://www.eleventreedesigns.co.uk

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