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Time ago we showed you here a very interesting project about secondary mission cards to play Mordheim. We have also included in this project another two small ideas: one related with the playing order and the other to ease the critical hits resolution. Thank you very much to Drawer, Khaelion, Enzorko, Salsa, Sutenööri and others for their feedback; and Tenebrae Lux for proofread english version! Now, you can freely download the final version for your PnP cards.



Secondary Mission cards

Regular Mordheim games could be very flat, especially when you play multiplayer games where you cannot aspire to reach the main scenario objective. Therefore, secondary missions enrich games by providing extra objectives. Notice that these objectives never replace the main objective and they are not mandatory! The idea is to play with more options, above all when everything is against you.

This additional module to play Mordheim games includes about 80 cards in two separate decks: missions and rewards cards.


How to use secondary mission cards?

Before the battle starts, each player draw two reward cards and three secondary mission cards but chooses only 2. Each player will have a hand of two missions and two rewards cards. You can or cannot complete these secondary missions, it’s up to you. Secondary missions should be kept in secret (that is why we use cards). Thus, the game is more interesting because we cannot exactly prevent the enemy taking his objectives. However, his actions can expose him and his objectives. Rewards are retrieved at the end of the game, once the battle has been resolved and you check if you have completed the missions. If you think you have completed a mission during the battle, you reveal it and keep the card face up to remind that. But beware; some missions are only completed at the end of the game. Don’t reveal your mission too soon!

If you complete both missions at the end of the game, you will receive both reward cards. If you complete only one mission, you will randomly pick one of the reward cards. Every reward card shows two different types of reward, depending on the mission. The corresponding mission is shown under the headline. ‘Attack!’ rewards are oriented to warrior experience and influence on Mordheim environment. Meanwhile ‘Tactical movement’ rewards are related with loot, economic and exploration factors. You can freely decide which rewards you want. However, you can only pick one reward from a reward card. That is, you cannot use the same Reward card to collect rewards from two Missions, you have to use two different reward cards.

Reward card effects have to be resolved before the next battle. If there is a bonus, you have to use it immediately. You cannot accumulate them and use them in other moment. Note the cards are designed for multiplayer battles, although they can easily be applied in one-to-one battles.


Multiplayer games: Initiative Order     

In classic Mordheim games players roll a die and the one with the higher result starts every turn, followed by the next higher result and so forth. However, this method is predictable because you exactly know who is playing before and after you. Therefore we have designed these card to randomly determine the playing order every turn.

Each player has an assigned number or color represented by a card. Before starting the turn all cards are shuffled and then the upper card is faced up. The player indicated by this card starts playing the turn, and when he finishes the following card is faced up and so forth. At the end of the turn all cards are shuffled again and the process is repeated.

Therefore you cannot exactly predict the enemy actions (like in real life), because you don’t know when he will move and attack you.


Critical Hit cards

In our Mordheim games we usually need to stop the game to check the meaning of a critical hit. To avoid this issue we have design another card deck. Therefore, when you obtain a six when wounding, you only need to draw a card and read it. Just shuffle the deck and put it close to the table! Notice we have modified the critical hit tables. Now the most powerful effects are only reached with 6 instead of 5 or 6.



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The next project in mind involves an environment effects deck, once more in collaboration with the Spanish community Ciudad de los Perdidos.

If you have any suggestion or comment, feel free to comment.
We hope you enjoy this project as much as we do!


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