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Recently we have discovered a fascinating Spanish project which promotes a review of the Mordheim rules: La Ciudad de los Perdidos, Retorno a Mordheim (The City of the Lost, Return to Mordheim). And one of the modules they are working on is about secondary missions determined by cards. We love this idea!, and therefore we are deeply developing it.

IMPORTANT: we’ve just finished the project and you can free download the complete deck of missions, rewards, criticals and initiative order cards from HERE.


First and foremost, we want to say that this is NOT our original idea. We found the concept in the following link (in Spanish): click here, which indeed is based on this other source. This fantastic community is working on a reviewed version of Mordhiem rules, and one of the projects involves the development of secondary objectives and rewards. The idea is to create more dynamic battles with more elaborate tactics and strategies. Is it necessary? Maybe not, but we think the idea is great.

LaCiudadDeLosPeridos_logoThus, following the work from Drawer and Khaelion, between others, we have started working on this. We want to prepare two cards decks: mission cards and reward cards. Indeed, this is the final destiny of these concepts.

Please note we are currently developing these cards, and therefore if you have any suggestion, criticism or comment, you are very welcome!


This additional module to play Mordheim games include two card decks with 72 cards each one: missions and rewards. Rewards cards are all different, although the texts can be repeated in different combinations. But mission cards are by duplicated, and therefore two players can fight for the same target.

How to use secondary mission cards?

Before the battle starts, each players draw two reward cards, and three secondary mission cards but chose only 2. That’s you have two missions and two rewards cards in your hand. You can or cannot complete these secondary missions, it’s up to you.

The secondary missions should be kept in secret (that’s why we use cards). Thus the game is more interesting because we cannot exactly prevent the enemy taking his objectives. However, his actions can expose him and his objectives!.

The rewards are retrieved at the end of the game, once the battle has been resolved and you check if you have completed the missions. If you think you have completed a missions during the battle, you can say it and keep the card face up to remind that. But beware, some missions are only completed at the end of the game. Don’t reveal your mission too soon!.

If you complete both missions at the end of the game, you will receive both reward cards. If you complete only one mission, you will randomly pick one of the reward card.

Every reward cards show two different kind of reward, depending on the mission. The correspondent mission is indicated under the headline. Attack! rewards are oriented to warrior experience and influence on Mordheim environment. Meanwhile Tactical movement rewards are related with loot, economic and exploration factors.

You only can pick one reward from a reward card. That’s, if you have completed an Attack! and a Tactical movement missions, you cannot use the upper reward for one mission and the bottom one for the other mission from the same Reward card. You have to use two different reward cards to charge both missions cards.

The Reward card effects have to be resolved before next battle. If there is a bonus, you have immediately to use during next battle. You cannot accumulate them and use in other moment.

Note the cards are designed for multiplayer battles, although they can easily be understood in one-to-one battles.


Mordheim cards


Here you can find the updated texts: click here.

Prepared positions:
– Take control of (number) buildings until the end of the game
– Take control of the highest building with at least one miniature, and hold the enemies to 6 inches or more

– Put out of action the leader of the enemy warband deployed in your left/right/front
– Put out of action two heroes from different warbands
– Put out of action a whole henchmen group
– Put out of action at least the 25% of the warband deployed in your left/right/front
– To the fire!: kill an enemy sorcerer or shaman
– Put out of action a big creature (i. e ogres, trolls, etc.)
– Put out of action an enemy hired sword
– Sets fire to a house with enemies within. If you have a torch, you only need to be in contact. If you don’t have it, you can find one in a house or waste pile. Roll a dice and with 4+ you find it. You can only search once per scenery element. There is no real effect on enemies!
– Arrow rain: put out of action at least three enemy miniatures using bows or crossbows
– Lead rain: put out of action at least three enemy miniatures using fire guns

Tactical movement:
– Get out of the table at least the 50% of your warband by the opposite side
– The leader of your warband have to reach the opposite side of the table after fighting with at least one enemy
– Take control of three areas (i.e. deployment areas)
– Block an enemy objective

– At least the 60% of your warband have to survive until the end of the battle (no AOA)
– The leader of your warband have to survive after figthing with enemies (no AOA)
– All your heroes have to survive (no AOA)
– Get and hold two witchstone fragments until the end of the game

Mordheim cards


After receiving some feedback, we have decided to modify the reward cards. Because some rewards are not logical depending on the mission, we have decided to classify them into two big groups, and therefore every reward card will show one of each reward type. So, depending on the mission you can pick one or another reward:

  • Survival & Attack: experience or influence reward
  • Tactical movement & Prepared positions: loot, economic or exploration reward

We are currently working in the new design of these cards. Here you can find the updated texts: click here.

– “Big corpse”: during the mission you find a dead warrior on the floor and you loot it before digging a tomb. Roll a die: 1 – Dagger; 2 – Axe; 3 – Sword; 4 – Light armour; 5 – Crossbow; 6 – Halberd.
– “Ambush, to the ground!”: Some marksmen are shotting from the roofs, but suddenly they start to run away. One of them loses the quiver. You receive hunting arrows.

– “Good job guys”: you receive an extra 2D6 crowns.
– “What is this?”: during the mission you found a bag with 1D3 perfect rubies which can be sold by 6 crowns each.
– Headhunter: A landlord has put a price on the head of your opponent. If you put out of action an enemy leader, you get 1D6x3 crowns.

– “The devil knows more for being old than for devil”: +1 experience for the hero involved in the secondary mission.
– “Team work”: all the members of the warband involved in the secondary mission spread 1D3 experience points. The same miniature cannot receive more than one point. The remaining points are lost.
– “Clairvoyance”: roll a die:
1-5: +1 experience for the hero involved in the secondary mission
6: during next battle draw four reward cards, instead two, and choose two.

– “Those ruins were intact”: during the mission you have found a place which is a “mine of treasures”. Roll a die and use that value like a double roll in the exploration table. If you obtain a 6, roll again. If you obtain once more 6, roll one die and use the result like a triple in the exploration table. If not, use the double 6.
– “Better to have fortune than be lucky, right?”: If you want you can increase by 1 the result of one die during the exploration roll.
– “To my feeling, I think is over there…”: If you want you can reduce by 1 the result of one die during the exploration roll.
– “Because I’m here, if not…”: If you want you can increase or reduce by 1 the result of one die during the exploration roll.
– “I know this place”: roll an extra D6 during the exploration roll and remove one. For example, if you have four heroes, roll five dice and remove one.
– “Have you also seen that green light?”: if the hero who completed the mission card survives until the end of the game, roll a die: 1-3 +1 experience; 4-5 one witchstone fragment; 6 two witchstones fragments.

– Honorable: traders start trusting in you. You can add +1 to your next roll to find a rare object (permanent)
– Good merchant: you can sell any stuff from your stored equipment by the selling price (only once)
– Charismatic leader: the maintenance cost of a hired sword is reduced by half (only once)
– Living legend: when you hire a new hired sword the original price is reduce by 15 crowns (only once).

The fantastic art work is from the original Mordhiem Rulebook, excepting the two oustanding illustrations used for the back of both decks, made by HelleboreAnd finally, this material has been put together and layout by the fantastic hands of N4gash, another member of ModelBrush.

If you have more ideas or suggestions, please feel free to comment! 🙂

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  1. JOon

    hi , are the card ready??

    • angusin

      Hi JOon! We are tweaking some of them after playing some battles. We will post a new update when they are ready for you to download them. Wait only a little bit more! 😉

  2. n4gash

    We’re working on the “final cut” revising and rewritting some cards, we’ve added 6 player cards, 2 jokers with special rules and 6 yellow critics’s cards.

    We hope to have available for free download as soon as posible.


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